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The NWPL cornice

For over one hundred years the NWPL has purchased books and other materials and lent them (or otherwise made them available) to area residents.  Since September 2000 the Norman Williams Public Library card catalog and circulation system have been automated.

Today, the library is a modern facility that respects its cultural, historical, and architectural histories while providing the best of contemporary library services to the greater Woodstock area. Our collection of books and media comprises approximately 70,000 offerings. Circulation has grown to over 60,000 items loaned, one of the highest figures per capita of all Vermont libraries.

Due in large part to a grant from the Vermont Library Foundation (funded by the Freeman Foundation) in 2001, the NWPL began providing free Internet access on the mezzanine level and in 2008 began offering wireless Internet access within the building. In 2010 it began offering free wireless Internet in the village area of Woodstock via ‘Wireless Woodstock’, a partnered venture with the community.