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Support the Library

We welcome your support as Patrons, Volunteers, & Friends of the Library. AND -- We need and rely on your support by Annual Appeal Giving and Endowment & Planned Giving.

One of the many ways you can give to the library is by a book donation. Patrons donate money for a book to honor a family member, friend or an educator in categories with special meaning to the loved one. Book donations can also be made for any celebratory reason and are often given to celebrate a birthday. In fact, anniversaries of all types are frequently recognized with book donations including wedding anniversaries and retirements.

One teacher was recognized for conveying her love of learning and developing curiosity among her students for which donations were made to the science collection.

Book purchases can memorialize someone who died; one grandmother was recently remembered by a family gift to augment the library poetry collection.

The giver can choose subject of a book or books including children's books, mysteries or books by a beloved author. Special interests may be recognized such as books about animals or history for example. Donors may also select the preferred type of book; print, large type, audio or digital.

The person will be honored with a bookplate that will remain in the book. Such a gift not only honors a loved one, but also helps our vital town library to prosper. It is a perfect, thoughtful gift "that keeps on giving."