From the ED: NWPL has a new addition!

Amanda Merk

Amanda Merk

I want to say a huge thank you to Ken Woodhead who has created a unique and beautiful rocking horse bench for our children’s garden.

Another huge thank you goes to the Woodstock Garden Club who generously provided a grant to make the bench possible.

benchAnd another thank you is due Charlet Davenport who has graciously agreed to organize an art activity for elementary school children to paint this lovely handmade bench.

One last thank you goes out to Brooke Beaird (Brooke helped Ken install the bench this week.)

The bench is outside in our children’s garden to the left of the building. It is unpainted as we await Charlet’s crew of young artists who will decorate it. This is truly community engagement at the library and I couldn’t be more pleased!

childrens gardenIf you haven’t visited our children’s garden yet I highly recommend it. It is a peaceful spot tucked away next to the library. A border of gorgeous flowers and our new, one-of-a-kind bench make this a truly special spot for children and children at heart.

— Amanda Merk