From the Executive Director: The Sisters Chase by Sarah Healy

sisters-chase-sarah-healyI read voraciously. There is always a big stack of books on my bedside table. The last thing I read was The Sisters Chase, by Sarah Healy, and I loved it. The New York Times described it as a “slow burner,” and I agree with that. It begins quietly, and slowly, and then it sucks you in completely.

The story revolves around two young sisters who are left to fend for themselves after a family tragedy. The older sister, Mary, is a beautiful, tough survivor who will quite literally do anything to care for her younger sister, Hannah. The relationship between the sisters is intense and believable. Their odyssey as they journey from one place to another is fascinating.

The characters are so well-developed that I became attached to them as I read. This was true even for the minor characters. I had a hard time putting this book down, and read it for hours each evening late into the night. At work one day I found myself wanting to go home to continue reading. I did not, of course, but when a book gets into my head this way, I know that I will want to recommend it to others.

The main character, Mary, is deeply loved by many wonderful people, but she is troubled and seems hell bent on outrunning love and stability. The younger sister, Hannah, longs for home and comfort. When I finally finished the book I actually wept over the ending. I’ve written to the author, who happens to be a Vermonter, in the hopes that she will grace Woodstock with a visit and do a reading at our library. We are discussing November 10 as a possible date for her visit. Call the library to request a copy today. The Sisters Chase is not to be missed!

Amanda Merk

Amanda Merk

Amanda S. Merk

Executive Director