From the Director: Story Time

Today I had the wonderful experience of reading to the preschoolers from the Woodstock Christian Child Care center. The 3, 4 & 5 year-olds were bundled up against the cold when they arrived after their walk from the Congregational Church. As soon as the coats, hats, scarves, boots and mitts were off they flew around the library playing with toys, examining our doll-house and picking out books. This free play and use of the library went on for a bit. It was lovely to see these bright spirits so excited to be in the library. After a while the children and their teachers met me and picked out their story time cushions. Thanks to the Friends of the NWPL, headed up by Peggy Fraser, the NWPL has lovely children’s cushions (bees, flowers, ladybugs and butterflies!). I read several holiday stories. We sang “The Twelve Days of Christmas” together at the top of our lungs! Excitement about Christmas was particularly high among this group, and I might have got the kids a little too jazzed up! Hopefully their caring teachers got them to calm down for nap time back at the preschool.

Cushions Donated by Friends of the NWPL

The devoted teachers checked out big bags of books to read to the kids over the next few weeks. The Woodstock Christian Child Care Center comes to the library every two weeks. The NWPL is lucky to have such wonderful little visitors. On the way out the door I told a four-year-old boy that if he becomes a librarian when he grows up he too can read to kids. He said, “I do not want to be a librarian. I want to be a paleontologist!” We never know what little children will accomplish when they grow up. They are full of potential. At NWPL we are committed to serving adults, families and children. Maybe someday we will collect a book written by this future paleontologist!

For more information on NWPL story time programs click HERE. If you’d like to volunteer to read to kids please contact

Amanda Merk, Exec. Director