Friends of the NWPL Restoration Project

Cliff and Alice Aikens
   in memory of Clifford C. Aikens, Sr. WUHS Clas of 1920
Diane Alexander
Mary Ann Alexander
Antonia Richie Realtors
William Arkin and Susan Horn
Richard and Imelda Attridge
Lucille Atwood
Barbis Fine Art Restoration
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Barclay
Ellen J. Barry
   in memory of Delphine Boyd and William J. Barry
Roy and Joanne Bates
   in memory of Vivian V. Bates
Bernard and Rebecca Beaulieu, Jr.
Irene O. Bejarano
Carolyn and Nancy Bedford
Anne L. Benedict
Gerald and Miriam Berlin
Gail M. Bernard
Barry Biberman
   in memory of Pamela Biberman
Mary Blanton
C. Partridge Boswell
Gramma Sue Sue Botkin
   in honor of Nicholas Ueland Jones
Curtis L. Bourdon
Henry T. Bourne, Jr.
Joseph and Ann Marie Boyd
James and Margaret Bradley
   in memory of Eleanor W. Barnard
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Breck
Elsie and Leland Brenneman
Susie Brian
Mr. and Mrs. William A. Brink
   in honor of Sara and Robyn Straus and Todd and Kevin Kasch
Rosemary and Gary Brown
Susan and Michael R. Brown
Mr. and Mrs. Robert M. Browning
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Buchheit
Phyllis and Jim Bulmer
Joan Burdge
Linda Burrows
M.P. Bushnell
David Butler
The Callahan Family
Phillip Cabot Camp, Sr.
Eileen Camp
Mr. and Mrs. Wilbur Canaday
Elizabeth Canning
Robert and Elaine Carchman
David and Lorna Chang
Susan J. Chiefsky
Gayle Chorske
   in memory of Laura Bacon
James and Virginia Christy
Mary F. and Kilborn Church
Claire Cirone
Paul R. Cohn
Annette Compton
   in memory of Raymond H. Compton
Marie Comtois
Jean and Albert Conklin
 in memory of Graceann Ridlon
Joseph and Hilda Conn
 in honor of our grandchildren
Joyce C. Cooper
Harold and Dorothea Crampton
 in memory of Myrtle and Robert Sharpe
Jonathan and Susan Crane
Travis Cronshey
Will and Jane Curtis
B. Alden Cushman
Priscilla and Stanley Cypher
Joyce Dann
Kevin Dann
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Dawso
Mr. and Mrs. Wallace de Giacomo
Elizabeth Deignan
Larry and Althea Derstine
Guy and Bargara Destefano
E. Devereux
Kathy Dillman
Ed and Irene Downey
Norman and Jo-Ann Ecker
Kathryn Edwards
Ruth H. Ekbertg
Deirdre Ellerson
Robert Elliott
Kathleen Elliott
Mr. and Mrs. William B. Emmons III
Persis Laja Ensor
   in honor of all
Michael and Joanne Ertel
Margaret C. Evans


Mr. and Mrs. Franklin B. Fields
Alden L. and Beverly F. Fiertz
Marie and Momir Filipovic
Fine Paints of Europe
Jennifer and David Firestone
Mrs. Janice Flaim
Polly S. Foley
Romano Formichella
Sarah P. Foss
Fraser's Antiques
Glen and Elizabeth Frederick
Ducky Freeman
Dr. Matthew Friedman and Gayle Smith
Milton Fullerton, Jr.
Elaine Gambone
   in memory of Cy and Heloise Gambone
Katherine Gehris
 in honor of Samantha and Ben Gehris
Barbara C. Gibbs
Christina and Donald Gilbert
 in memory of Richard Markley
James and Martha Giller
Frances Gillett
Robert and Suzanne Goldman
Harriet M. Goodwin
Robert O. Murphy and Sally Jo Gottlieb
Chjarles and Louise Gow
 in honor of Charles C. Gow
Peter and Daphne Gratiot
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Graves and Family
Zecil and Sidney Gravitz
Harvey L. Gray
Donald and Norma Griffith
Otis L. Guernsey, Jr.
Fred Haas
   in honor of Samantha Marie Haas
Robert and Honore Hager
in memory of Mitchell Hager
Maureen and Michael Hanley
Grace W. Harde
 in honor of the librarians
James and Elizabeth Harley
Shane and Katie Harlow
Joan, Nancy and Tom Harvey
   in memory of Marion Harvey Roberts
Laurie and Roland Heijn
Walter and Frances Herbert
Dr. Hugh P. Hermann
Don Hesterberg
 in memory of Margaret and Robert Hesterberg
Orton Hicks
Mr. and Mrs. Henry Higdon II
David C. Higgins
   in memory of Francis A. Mooney
Elizabeth A. Hindmarsh
Cassie Horner and Tim Sink
Sue Hottenstein
William W. Hough
Janet R. Houghton
 in memory of Ruth Houghton Holt (1898-1984)
James and Jean Howe
Mr. and Mrs. Karl H. Huck
Wittie Lynn and Reinhart Jeck
James and Patricia Jennings
Claudine Johnson
Phil and Carolyn Johnson
Mr. and Mr.s Stephen Johnson
Mary Johnstone
Helen S. Kaman
   in honor of William, Cathleen and Steven
Gloria Kamen Charney
   in honor of Elliot Charney
Janine Kanzler
Caroline Kehler
Barbara Kelley
 in memory of Bea Howe
Celina R. Kellogg
Charlie and Carolyn Kimbell
The Klassen-Landis Family
   in memory of John and Louise Landis and Helen Klassen
The Koetsier Family
Suzanne and Lee Kowalski
Ralph and Jill Kurash
William Kurtz
 in honor of Nina Kurtz
Susan C. LaCroix
Julie Lane
Marjatta and Edward Lavin
Jill Ann and Daniel Levi Leavitt
James and Suzanne Leiter
Paul Lenett
David and Renee Lent
   in memory of Leone Lent
Richard and Jane Leonard
Ronald and Martha Leonard
Elliott Lewis
Frank and Ruth Lewis
Robert and Nancy Lewis
Robert and Myrie Linnell
Marianne Lisse
Marcia C. Littel
Lois Lorimer
Charles C. Luetke
Mary Lycett
George P. Lynch, Jr.

The MacDonald Family
   in memory of Marsh Oakley
Leanne MacDonald
   in honor of Faren MacDonald
Daniel and Linda Machalaba
Joyce MacKenzie
Phil and Eileen Mallon
Mr. and Mrs. Oliver A. Manice
Robert M. and Patricia D. March
Jordan A. Marcy
Kim Hornung-Marcy and Ted Marcy
Anne L. Marder
Jean A. Marder
Albert Martin
Nancy H. Martin
   in honor of my husband Randolph K. (Ted) Martin
Hugh Massy
Janet Maxham
   in honor of Tyler Audsley
Mr. and Mrs. Harold C. Maynes
Marie McAndrew-Taylor
   in honor of Charles J. and Elizabeth K. McAndrew
Jack and Pat McCosker
Robert L. McCredie
Molly McDermott
Robert and Fiona McElwain
Mrs. Lawrence E. McGourty
Mr. and Mrs. Ian McKelvie
John H. Mears III and Katherine J. Mears
Mr. and Mrs. Gregory J. Mellinger
Jane Metcalf
Patricia Meyer
Nika L. Meyers
Phebe C. Meyers
Carroll F. Miles
David and Donna Miles
Ellen W. Miller
   in memory of Wentworth Williams
Chris and Sally Miller
Jeanne Millett
   in honor of Margot Powell
Suzanne Milord
Jack and Gina Moore
Lee Mordhorst
   in memory of Bob Mordhorst
Mr. and Mrs. Malcolm R. Morgan
Susan, Larry, Caitlin and Jillian Morgan
Janis M. Murcic
Lynn Murrell and Judith Hills
Helen and Joseph Nalibow
Rich Naple
Mr. and Mrs. Charles F. Nettleship III
   in memory of Charles F. Nettleship, Jr.
Geoggrey H. Nichols
Julie Nicholson
Sara M. Norcross
Nancy Nye and Richard A. Schramm
Mr. and Mrs. Harry Olsen
Estelle M. Olson
   in memory of Mr. Robert Marsden
Patricia Osborne
   in memory of Pamela Schiltz
James and Barbara Otranto
Pavel and Wendy Otavsky
Bob and Fran Parker
Mr. and Mrs. Walter Pedicord
The Petersen Family
Jim and Judi Pierce
John M. Pierce
Dixon and Nancy Pike
R. Eric and Susan Plump
Ronald Pogue and Mary Cochran
Amy Pomada
Charles and Margaret Powell
Powell's Greenhouse-Florist
Mr. and Mrs. Alfred L. Pulling
Jason Purdy
Anne and Hugh Putnam
Saralee Quinn
Priscilla Ramsay
Mr. and Mrs. Richard E. Randall
in memory of Frank Lieberman
W. Scott Raney
Georgia C. Rea
Michael Ricci and Karen Shea
Jane and Bob Richards
   in memory of Peter Wycoff
David Richardson
H. Jay and Barbara Richardson
Laurence H. Roberts Jr.
Lisette and John Roberts
Holly Schriber Rohde
   in memory of Thomas M. Schriber
Joyce and Carl Roof
   in memory of Joel Edward Roof
Austin and Josephine Royle
Jack Ruhland

James and Kathleen Sadwith
Janet Salzman and Loredo Sola
Lola Sarnoff
Ellen H. Satterthwaite
Hank and Meme Savelberg
robert and Pauline Sawyer
Mr. and Mrs. Taylor H. Schanck
Doborah Doyle-Schechtman and Johathan Schechtman
   in memory of George P. Doyle, Jr.
C.W. and Suzanne Schellenger
Herbert and Edith Schiele
William J. Schmetz
Jane A. Schmidlapp
Dr. George J. Schuetz
Pru Schuler
John and Nancy Schullinger
Mary Ellen and KatieSchwartz
David Schwartzman
Stephen and Louise Schwebel
   in memory of Jonathan McDill
John and Jane Scialdone
Robert and Renee Seidler
Frank and Carol H. Selmser
John P. and Mallory M. Semple
William Shallow
Buck and Sally Shane
George and Lucy Sharp
Dr. and Mrs. Edward M. Shepard
Dennis and Claire Shillen
Shire Apothecary
Shiretown Books
James and Linda Smiddy
Ann L.M. Smith
   in memory of John Harcourt McDill and John Lee McDill
Carlisle, Molly and Jane Spencer
Lynn and Stanley Spencer
Liz and Eric Stahl
   in memory of Earl Stahl
Ruth D. Stamps
John and Patricia Stewart
Nancy Stockwell
Christopher G. Stoneman
   in memory of my son, Andrew
Jean and Rendy Strawbridge
Sally Summers
   in memory of Margaret Mason
Anthony and Barrett Thacher
Roy and Margaret Thomas
Virginia Thomas
Alice Pl. Tiley
Narcissa Titman
Wade I. Treadway
Bonnie and John Umland
Mr. and Mrs. Morgan Vail
Mr. and Mrs. Willard P. Voorhees
Marshall Waingrow
Patrick and Lee Ann Wall
   in memory of Tom and Anne Louise (Jimmy) Wall
Gordon and Doria Ware
Virginia Webb
   in memory of Albert J. Webb
David Westphalen and Susan Dotson
William and Donna Whittaker
John and Judy Wiggin
C. Richard and Mary P. Williams, Jr.
Georgina Williamson, Inc.
Matthew and Janet Wilson
   in honor of Great Great Great Aunt Jane Austen
Donald F. Winter
Jane Wood
Steven H. and Bonnie Wood
Harry E. and Elizabeth Woodbury
Woodstock Farmers' Market
Woodstock Garden Club
Woodstock Pharmacy
Woodstock Rotary Club
Mr. and Mr.s Ralph Wright
Peter and Ann Wynia
The Zwanziger Family