Norman Williams Legacy Society

Blackford, Tom and Nancy
Chiefsky, Susan
Debevoise, Mrs. Thomas M. III
Dougherty, Gail
Etherington, Rhea
Feinberg, Barry and Susan
Gaull, Richard M.
Henning, Robert E.
Hornung, Virginia A.
Humpstone, Charles
Kannenstine, Louis and Margaret
Lancaster, Jane
Lycett, Mary Louise
Maguire, Tim
Meyers, Robert and Phyllis
Mitchell, Mark and Sarah
Schullinger, John and Nancy
Watson, Harvey and Lois
Webb, Albert and Virginia
Wegner, Eric


The Legacy Society is a select group whose members have demonstrated commitment to the library by generously giving directly to our endowment through outright or planned gifts.

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NWPL Legacy Society

This pastel painted by Ivan Albright (1897-1983) is the emblem of our Legacy Society. It was given to the Library by John McDill, father of Jane Smith, Library Trustee for 44 years, and President of the Board for 30 years.

Restoration Project

Norman Williams Public Library

Norman Williams Public Library

In 1999-2000, the NWPL underwent a $5 million renovation, restoration, expansion, and automation project. The building was in poor structural shape and approximately 2/3 of the money raised was used to address this problem. After restoring the facility the basement area was totally remodeled and changed into a well lit, comfortable, child and teenage area. A mezzanine level was then constructed to house the reference collection and Internet computers and Administrative offices and the Vermont History Room were built in the former attic space. The original child’s area became the Reading Room, a place to relax and read newspapers, magazines, or a good book. This incredible project tripled the usable space from 5,000 to 15,000 square feet. When the new facility reopened to the public in September 2000 the card catalog and circulation system were automated.


Clyde C. Abbott
   in memory of his wife, Margaret F. Abbott
Mrs. Sandford Etherington
Mr. and Mrs. Ethan A. Hitchcock
Gerald K. and Virginia A. Hornung
Margaret F. and Milton G. Johnson
Mattson-McHale Foundation
Bettina Towne Moore and John Barden Moore
Laurance S. Rockefeller
Elizabeth S. Ross


Freeman Foundation and Preservation Trust of Vermont
Barbara Kaufman
Christopher Lloyd and Vassie Sinopoulos
Mrs. John Mayer
John Lee McDill, Jane McDill Smith, and Laura McDill
   in memory of John Harcourt McDill and John Lee McDill
Montgoris Family Foundation
Lois and Harvey Watson
The Woodstock Foundation, Inc.


The James Bryant Family
Mrs. Duncan Campbell
in memory of John and Julia McDill, Mary French Rockefeller and Elizabeth French Hitchcock
Laura Chassin
John and Laurie Chester
William and Gayle Chorske
Peter S. Jennison
David and Sarah Roberts
Laurance Rockefeller
Turrell Fund
Dr. Lucy R. Walentsky
Marion R. Weber
Maisi Williamson


Polly and Darrel Bigham
Mrs. Thomas M. Debevoise II
Elizabeth B. Emmons
Marianne G. Faulkner Charitable Trust
Hudson Holland, Jr.
   in memory of Mr. and Mrs. Frank D. Fuller and Mr. and Mrs. Nelson C. Holland
Pam and Ron Jaynes
Peggy and Louis Kannenstine
   in honor of The Countryman Press
The Ladies' Home Journal
Jane Lancaster
Constance K. McCollom
Harold and Paula Schwenk
State of Vermont
Ching-Wen and Carl Taylor
   in memory of Hung-Ki Pu and Pauline Billings Taylor
Jeanne T. Williams and Family
   in memory of Norman Williams, Jr.
David and Suzanne Winton
Wynne and Joan Wister


Phyllis Arata-Meyers and Robert Meyers
Banknorth Group, Inc.
John and Nancy Bassett
Leslie and Susan Berge
Mr. and Mrs. Curtis I. Blake
Peter and Anne Brooke
Marjorie V. Castimore
   in memory of Robert I. Coleman
Chittenden Bank
Davenport and Gladys M. Cleveland
Norman and Sally Cross
   in memory of Harold and Marion Campbell Cross
Mr. and Mrs. William S. Davis
Mr. and Mrs. Frederick A. Doubleday
   in memory of Ruth H. Shgurtleff
Clover Durfee
   in memory of Leila and Ralph Breiling
Lolita Emmons, Harley and Lorraine Higbie
   in memory of Lynette Craven Nichols
First Community Bank
Richard M. Gaull and Susan C. Keefe
   in memory of Shirley Gaull Seidman
Jim and Joy Gray
Mike Grossman and Ellen Sulkin
Mr. and Mrs. Charles V. V. Hardiman
George Hood Helmer
Constance B. Hitchcock
Donald and Jacqueline Hoyt and Family
W. Jens and Margarit Jacobs
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Jennison
   in memory of Jane L. Jennison
Ledlie and Roxana Laughlin
Denise Martin
Dean and Lorrie Merrill
Cissy Petterson Trust
Mrs. Thomas T. Richmond
   in memory of Thomas T. Richmond
Mrs. John Seabrook
Charles and Mary Simons
Elizabeth and Robert Sincerbeaux
The Six Talents Foundation
Rhoda Teagle
   in memory of Frank H. Teagle, Jr.
Vermont Agency of Commerce and Community Development
Rev. Edward H. Williams
   in memory of Jacqueline Williams Butler
Jean A. Williams
   in memory of Mr. and Mrs. Edward H. Williams III


Mimi Baird
Peter and Marjorie Behr
Matthew and Elizabeth Belle Bigham
Franklin S. and Pauline G. Billings, Jr.
Jireh and Natalie Billings
David and Joan Blackwell
Paul Bourdon
Jennifer and Peter Brock
   in memory of Gertrude H. Mertens
W. Michael and Jennifer Mary Brown
William J. Bryant
Thomas and Constance Cassady
Charter One Bank
Howell and Winona Chickering
Alison Clarkson and Oliver Goodenough
Patricia Carroll Compton
Douglas and Elizabeth Costle
   in memory of Norman Williams, Jr.
Countryman Press
Missy Cunningham
Thomas Debevoise and Laurie Livingston
Linda Galvin Desmond
   in memory of Claire Galvin
Mr. and Mrs. W. Bruce Dudley
   in memory of Alice L. Eaton, Harrison and Irene Ambrose and Beatrice D. Diette
Charles and Katharine English
J. Richard and Rhonda Kay Farley
Susan and Barry Feinberg
Reg and Connie Fitz
Dexter Foss
F.H. Gillingham and Sons. Inc.
Gould Realtors
Stella Helmer
Robert Henning
Orton Hicks
John and Pamela Hoffman
   in memory of Woodstock's children
Charles C. Humpstone
David and Mary-Wythe Jealous
Cynthia and Vincent Weaver Jones
Gerard and Emily Jones
Ralph and Frances Lancaster
J. David Laughlin, DDS
Nelson B. Lee, Jr.
   in in honor of my good friend, Jonathan L. McDill
Norwood and Joanna Rudge Long
   in memory of Abigail Hazen Rudge
Kimberly Hornung-Marcy and Theodore W. Marcy
The Frank O'Connell Family
Lori and Roland Pease
Alvin W. Peck
   in memory of Norman Williams, Jr.
The Petersen Family
Karl Pfister III
Margaret and Dick Powell
Robert and Beverly Raymond
M. Jean and Walter Reeves
Judith and Stuart Repp
John and Nancy Schullinger
Meg and Bruce Seely
   in memory of Gertrude H. Mertens
Ad and Mavis Shaw
Allan and Margaret Stimson
John and Polly Timken
Robert Wallace and Sandra Benoit
Anne and Harry Wollman
Woodstock Insurance Services, Inc.
Woodstock Rotary Club
Thomas P.Wright, Esq.
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Wynkoop
   in memory of Xenia of Russia

...and many Friends...


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