Website Usage Policy and Disclaimer

Media Used by the Norman Williams Public Library

The Norman Williams Public Library utilizes several media platforms to keep the public informed. Foremost is this website The website is updated regularly and is the most accurate source of information about the library.  In addition, anyone can subscribe to the NWPL Newsletter to receive email announcements of library events, news and information.  The public is also encouraged to subscribe to the NWPL twitter and facebook accounts to get periodic updates.


How to Submit Information to the NWPL Website

To best serve the mission of the Norman Williams Public Library, the website will only publish information that has direct bearing on the library and its mission. Feel free to bring your event information to the Circulation Desk or submit it electronically to


Acceptable Images

Photographs and video images of library visitors are routinely created for the purpose of sharing and celebrating the programs at NWPL. Photographs and videotapes/audio clips are sometimes submitted to area newspapers and posted on our website.  Children’s pictures or work is may be disclosed under the following guidelines:

  • Photos of an individual child or his/her work may be used on the website, student newspaper, or local media with permission of a parent/guardian.  Such permission will not be sought for photos of groups of four or more.
  • Full names of high school student pictures or scanned work will be used.
  • Only first names of K-8 grade student pictures or scanned work will be used.
  • Personal information of students will not be published.