2015 Strategic Planning Initiative

The Norman Williams Public Library embarked on a strategic planning initiative in March 2015.  From this work, which is currently ongoing, the administration will develop a public statement to represent the course of action for the future of the library. This page will provide the latest progress in the development of the library's plan and its implementation.


October 2015 Update

2015 Strategic Planning Initiative


On Monday, May 18, 2015, the Norman Williams Public Library voted unanimously to approve the "roadMap" document below, which summarizes the outcome of the 2015 Strategic Planning Initiative.


Reimagine, Rethink, Reinvest in the Library


Download a printable version of the NWPL roadMap


To be the valued community hotspot, enriched by amazing resources, enabling adventures in lifelong learning and championing knowledge and wisdom.



• Develop patron-centered culture of learning
• Offer a community gathering place, free with open access to all
• Provide wise stewardship of finances to ensure sustainability
• Offer access to innovative technology
• Encourage a love of reading from pre-literacy through mature readership
• Promote learning as fun for all ages within a vibrant, dynamic environment
• Fulfill our role for social responsibility



• Being more customer and community centric
• Continuous improvement in all areas of Library management
• Shifting from a traditional library to a networked platform of information
• Gaining sufficient funding to realize our potential



To focus on our role as the hub of the community, the Library as place. Rethink and redesign space and upgrade technology. Focus on things we do best: providing information, literature, technology, and social connection. Be patron and community centered. Make resources available on a virtual digital platform. Develop a strong case statement for funding.


The Way Forward…

GOAL 1: Space.

We will improve space to adapt to patron and community needs and be gathering place where people of all ages, walks of life and socioeconomic levels engage in learning, borrow books and films, read newspapers and magazines, study and read, take classes, attend meetings and programs, connect with people and share meaningful conversations, teleconference, experience the arts and relax, contemplate, learn new technologies with one-to-one tutorials and use them creatively.

• Rethink and redesign space, indoors and out, create open and flexible spaces to allow for continually changing purposes and community needs
• Seek input from the community to gain understanding of their likes and dislikes, wishes
• Make every room intentional; space for quiet study, early childhood learning, events, conferences, etc

GOAL 2: Technology.

We will be the information technology leader of the community

• Provide state-of the art public computing spaces
• Enhance staff development to promote digital literacy
• Provide digital access to Library resources for all ages at the Library and remotely
• Optimize our digital platform of information
• Help people use digital technology, devices, databases, tablets, smart phones, and search engines

GOAL 3: Organization.

Our team of professionals and volunteers will strive to provide patrons positive Library experiences everyday.

• Focus on our vital role in the community, how we add value
• Build and sustain staffing to deliver the best Library services
• Support a staff enriched through professional development and training
• Foster ongoing engagement of corporators

GOAL 4: Community.

We will continually bring life to the Library by bringing people, information and ideas together to enrich lives and build community.

• Continue to use our Library as a gathering place and augment programs for people of all ages to inform and sustain a culture of learning, and community engagement
• Promote collaborative opportunities and partnerships with other nonprofits, schools and libraries

GOAL 5. Marketing and Communications.

We will improve marketing by positioning the Library as a vital community hub and place for ‘all things information.’

• Increase awareness of our resources and capabilities; provide online access to resources on a digital platform, including our nw.org and resources like the Digital Public Library of America
• Share current programs with remote users through video conferencing and Google Hangout
• Collaborate with other libraries to share collections, programs and services extending beyond current ILL
• Evaluate current marketing strategies and develop new ways to inform and engage community
• Network with other libraries to learn best practices
• Develop a marketing plan consistent across all communications
• Effectively inform staff, volunteers and residents of programs, events and services

GOAL 6. Funding.

Be financially stable and fiscally transparent

• Develop a compelling case study to finance development of a better Library
• Maintain and improve ongoing fundraising programs
• Foster public investment through private support


Download a printable version of the NWPL Roadmap