Space Use Policy

As a service to the community, the Norman Williams Public Library welcomes use of its building and surrounding grounds by organizations and individuals.

Library Availability and Terms of Use:

The Library is available to the public by prior arrangement on a non-discriminatory, equitable basis, regardless of the group’s beliefs, affiliation, or content of program, provided such program purposes and content are lawful.

The Library welcomes advance reservations for use of its space during Library business hours of 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday through Friday and 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Saturday. Use during non-business hours may also be made available at the discretion of the library director.

Use of the library venues does not constitute an endorsement by the Library of the individual’s or group’s mission or views. The primary purpose of library venue use should be informational, with the exception of permitted space use for private social gatherings.

If special accommodations are needed as a means of enabling the broadest possible community participation, the arrangement for and cost of such accommodations will be the responsibility of the group or individual.

The group or individual organizers of events open to the public will be responsible for creating and distributing any promotional or other materials associated with the use of the library space. Such materials will be made available to members of the public and will conspicuously display the following disclaimer on the first page of the materials:

Use of library space by any individual or group event does not constitute endorsement or sponsorship of that event by the Norman Williams Public Library.

Materials distributed by parties renting library space solely for use for a private social function such as a wedding are generally not required to contain the foregoing disclaimer.

The Library staff is pleased to assist patrons by providing tours of the facility and helping to identify appropriate spaces for functions.

The Library requires that all groups or individuals using the Library during business hours be mindful and respectful of our patrons and their needs.

Prior to their departure from the library, groups and individuals are responsible for setting up, breaking down and prior to departure returning the Library spaces to their original condition.

The Library’s furnishings and equipment – including computers and other electronics – may be made available to clients at the discretion of staff and in accordance with “Procedures” that will be provided as required.

Use of exterior water and power sources is only as previously agreed-to and approved.

The Library does not allow smoking anywhere on its premises.

The Library does not allow serving or use of alcohol on site unless such use has had prior approval by the Library’s executive director and unless the user’s arrangements for alcohol service fully comply with Vermont law and the requirements of the Vermont Department of Liquor Control, including but not limited to, the required state permit.

Fees for Use of Library Space:

The Library encourages a “no admission or donation” policy for community events, while acknowledging that there may be a need to charge for materials. If a group or organization charges admission or has an all-inclusive donation policy, all community events falling into this category will result in the library’s requiring an appropriate charge for use of the space. The library will also be available for rental for private, social gatherings like weddings. Rental of library space for private, social gatherings will also incur a rental fee.

For events requiring rental fees, the library requires payment under terms of the library’s rental contract. Additionally, the library requires a damage deposit to be paid by check, which will be returned by destroying the check or posting it in the U.S. mail within one week following the event if no damage has occurred.

The Library will require compensation for any damages to finishes, furnishings or equipment resulting from client use, and any compensation will be subtracted from the deposit.

The Library assumes no responsibility for loss, theft to or damage to a user’s property during setup, use or breakdown of space(s). Further, the Library assumes no responsibility for injury to event participants that occurs as a result of actions or inaction of the participants or user’s.

Thank you for considering the Library for your needs. We look forward to hosting you.