Internet Use Policy

The Norman Williams Public Library is pleased to offer access to the Internet.

The library has several computers on the library mezzanine for the use of all patrons and visitors who are requested to pick up a number for a designated work station at the front desk. On rare occasions, if demand is great, computer use may be limited to half-hour increments. Or, you can use our Chromebook laptop computer, which can be reserved at the front desk. You will have to provide some type of security (e.g., driver’s license) while you are using the Chromebook and it cannot be taken outside the building.

Free Wifi

Free Wifi

The Internet is also accessible to all users who bring their own laptops or devices. Access to the Internet at the library through our own computers or via our wireless network is encrypted and a password is required for access. The library cannot be held responsible for theft or loss of any information transmitted or stored, such as cookies, passwords, etc.

The Library does not monitor and has no control over the information accessed over the Internet and cannot be held responsible for its content. We do not censor or protect anyone from controversial or inappropriate resources. As with other library materials, restriction of a child’s access (under 18) to the Internet is the responsibility of the parent or legal guardian. We recommend that parents or guardians guide their child’s use of the Internet by direct personal observation.

Information passing through the Library’s wireless access is not secured and could be monitored, captured, or altered by others. There are risks involved with connecting to a public wireless connection, such as possible viruses, malware, loss of data, possible hacking/snooping by others connected, possible hardware/software failure. It is the responsibility of the user to protect their information from all risks associated with using the Internet, including any damage, loss, or theft that may occur as a result of the use of the Library’s wireless access.

One-on-one tutorials are available to help patron’s access information on the Internet. Please schedule a time for a session at the front circulation desk.

In using this free Internet access, the user agrees and hereby releases, indemnifies and holds harmless, the Norman Williams Public Library, its officers and employees, and any affiliate, from any damage that may result from the use of this wireless access.

Note that we also can make copies and send faxes. Printing costs are 25 cents per page. We can now send outgoing fax documents also for 25 cents per page.

Policy Adopted February 23, 2015.