Library Rules of Conduct

The Norman Williams Public Library is committed to being a valuable community resource for materials, information, and programs.  We offer a warm and welcoming environment where patrons are invited to browse the collection, use the computers, read, and study, enjoy programs, and converse with friends.  In order to maintain a positive and respectful environment for all, we expect that patrons will observe the following rules of conduct.

  1. Smoking is not permitted on library property.
  2. Eating and drinking is permitted only at authorized functions or in specially designated areas, as long as permission is granted first and trash is disposed of properly. Food is never permitted near computer equipment.
  3. Talking and audio/visual sound output must be kept at low levels. Loud noise, physical horseplay or other disruptive conduct is not permitted.
  4. No more than two patrons at a time may be at one computer terminal.
  5. All library patrons, staff, materials and furnishings are to be treated with respect.
  6. Please keep personal items with you. The library is not responsible for lost or stolen items.
  7. Pathways, stairs and doorways are to be kept clear of personal belongings and are not to be used as a location for congregating.
  8. Use of the elevator is for those requiring assistance.
  9. Cell phone use should be limited to the foyer area.
  10. Playing in the parking area is prohibited for personal safety reasons.
  11. Please use areas in the community designated for recreation for that purpose.

Patrons who disrupt the library operations and environment will be reminded about the code of conduct.  Failure to respect the conduct code will result in being asked to leave the premises. Repeat offenses may lead to being banned from the library for a term of not less than two weeks, with subsequent infractions incurring longer ban periods.