As a private, nonprofit corporation, members are the actual owners of the corporation, and as such are responsible for the welfare of the Library and its patrons. Trustees must be corporators.

Corporators are volunteers, nominated annually by the nominating committee of the Board of Trustees and appointed by the Corporators.

Ahlen, Louis and Pam
Arata-Meyers, Phyllis
Audsley, Paula
Baird, Mimi
Belisle, Robert
Belisle, Townsend
Billings, Polly
Bloch, David
Boerner, Carol
Bourne, Anne
Boyd, Emily (Trustee)
Bradley, Laird (Trustee)
Bragdon, Joseph and Jeanne
Caffrey, Andrew
Catania, Marie
Chorske, William
Christy, Virginia
Cole, Keri
Colson, William (Trustee)
Costella, Robert and Mary
Cox, Rachel
Creech, David
Curutchet, Adriana
Dagger, William and Barbara
Debevoise, Ann (Trustee)
Deignan, Liza
DeMelo, Lorene
Diamant, Rolf
Dougherty, Allen and Gail
Edwards, Margaret
Falvey, Jennifer
Feinberg, Barry and Susan
Fields, Michelle
Fisher, Jacqueline
Fiske, Richard and Kathy
Ford, Ben (Trustee)
Foss, Dexter
Foss, Sally
Fraser, David and Margaret (Trustee)

Gilmour, Karen (Trustee)
Goodrum, Garfield
Gray, Charity
Gray, Joy
Green, David
Hager, Honey
Hall, Lyle and Lisbeth
Helmer, George and Jill
Hochman, Rachel
Horsman, Gary P. (Trustee)
Humpstone, Charles and Beverly
Jonas, Howard and Nancy
Jones, Gerald
Jones, Cindy Fisher
Lam, Judy
Lancaster, Ralph and Frances
Lavallee, Anthea
Lawrence, Regina (Trustee)
Leibly, Elaine
Lloyd, Christopher (Trustee)
Long, Norwood and Joanna
Lorimer, Lois
Lowe, Courtney
Maguire, Tim
Marinello, Anne (Trustee)
Mathews, John and Patsy
McGuire, John F.
Mears, Katharine J.
Merrill, W Dean
Misdom, Peggy
Mitchell, Sarah
Morgan, Susan
Morris, Sandy
Neily, Liz
O'Rourke, Robert and Ann

Perry, Lawrence
Petite, James
Plattner, Robert and Georgia
Purviance, Karen
Purvis, Mike and Lisa
Regan, Paul and Beverly
Richie, Antonia
Roberts, David and Sarah
Roberts, Laurence
Romano, Frank
Rossi, Jack
Rousmaniere, Peter
Sadowsky, Ann (Trustee)
Segal, Sam and Lorissa
Sheperd, Joe
Smiddy, Linda O. (Trustee)
Smith, Hank
Smith, Jane
Spann, Kurt
Stevens, Elizabeth
Stickney, Gail
Stoddart, Hazel
Sullivan, David
Taylor, Carl
Thompson, Wayne
Van Der Schoot, Tricia
Voepel, AR
Vollers, Peter and Kim
Watson, Harvey and Lois
Wegner, Eric
Wetmore, John and Corrine
White, Heidi
Williams, Kevin and Suzann
Wood, Catherine
Wooten, Suzanne